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  Honeycrisp Apple Box
Honeycrisp Apple Box is SOLD FOR 2013.  We are shipping ORGANIC PINK LADY APPLES!!
If you would like this please make a note in the gift message section of your order.

What's better than munching Organic Honeycrisp apples on a beautiful fall day? Not much! The Honeycrisp apple is a standout among all the different types of apples, because of it's incredibly sweet, juicy flavor and crisp texture. 

Honeycrisp apples are highly versatile because of their flavor; they stand up well to other flavors in baking, so they're great for making cinnamon baked apples or even homemade caramel apples. They're also perfect for pies and crisps, and for eating fresh as a refreshing snack. You won't find a tastier Honeycrisp apple.

Contains approximately 24 organic Honeycrisp apples. Order your  Honeycrisp Apple box today. Prices include delivery.