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Organic strawberries are a spring season favorite
Strawberries truly herald the arrival of spring. A sweet red strawberry just can't be beat. FruitShare's strawberries are 100% organic, which is important, because non-organic strawberries carry a high load of pesticide residues. With FruitShare, you don't have to worry about chemicals on your strawberries. 

Our strawberries come in a box with various other types of spring fruit in season. This way, you can mix your strawberries with other tasty organic fruit in your best recipes.

In springtime, enjoy fresh, totally organic strawberries from FruitShare.
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  Fruit In Season Mixed Box-Organic
Fruit In Season Mixed Box - When you open the Fruit In Season Mixed Box, you might have to flip a coin to decide what to try first. It is packed full of the best farm fresh fruit of the season, all year long. 

This farm fresh fruit is picked at the peak of flavor, so it's fruit the way nature intended: full of flavor and packed with nutrients. The fruit in the box is chosen to last over the course of a week or two, depending on the number of people eating from it; some of the fruit will need to be eaten right away, while other varieties will last longer in the refrigerator.

**substitutions made based on availability and shipping conditions

This box weighs approximately 10-14 lbs. and contains 24-36 pieces of fruit. Order your Fruit In Season Mixed Box today. Prices include free standard delivery.

**Two day shipping is recommended for this item during the warmer months!

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  Farm Fresh Fruit Club - Half Share
Farm Fresh Fruit Club - Half Share - With bi-weekly deliveries, FruitShare's Farm Fresh Fruit Club - Half Share is for those who can't get enough flavorful fruit in season in just the right size for two people. Every other week, we'll automatically send you a half-size box of our farm fresh fruit - right to your home, school or work. And we'll just keep sending it until you ask us to stop.

The Farm Fresh Fruit Club - Half Share is a pay-per-box system, and it's meant to make your life easier: you order once and we take care of the rest, no re-ordering necessary. After one initial order, you'll receive regular shipments of farm fresh fruit for as long as you want. The Half Share box is ideal for one to three people. This is a recurring shipment every two weeks.

Each box weighs approximately 6-8 lbs of fruit, or 12-15 pieces of fruit. To start receiving your regular organic fruit delivery, order your Farm Fresh Fruit Club today. Prices include delivery.

$42/per delivery