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Specialty Citrus
Specialty citrus changes up the flavors of winter fruit in season
FruitShare delivers specialty citrus throughout the winter. Some of these are: kumquats, blood oranges, and Cara Cara oranges. Each type of farm fresh fruit brings a unique flavor to the winter boxes of fruit in season. Our specialty citrus may just become some of your favorite fruit!

Kumquats are about the size of small grapes, and have an intense flavor spectrum. Kumquats are one of the only types of citrus fruit that has edible skin. In fact, the skin is the sweetest part while the inside is very tart, so kumquats have all the flavor you could want.

Blood oranges are unique because of the antioxidant they carry, which is different than other citrus fruits. This antioxidant turns the insides of blood oranges red. You may cut into a blood orange and find it completely red, or it can be marbled red-and-orange. Blood oranges are truly striking, and they have a tasty flavor all their own.

Cara Cara oranges are a variety of navel orange, sometimes called Red navels. They are pinkish on the inside and incredibly sweet. 

During the winter, FruitShare has you covered with the best citrus. From classics to specialty citrus, we've got it all.