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Sweet like candy, clementines are always a healthy treat
Clementines just might be the most popular of all the winter fruit in season. They are very sweet and juicy, making them a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Clementines are a type of citrus called zipper-peel, which means the skin comes off very easily. They are perfect for putting in bag lunches or putting in your pocket for a snack.

Clementines are available beginning in late-November, kicking off all the winter fruit in season. They come in our holiday boxes with other citrus or in a box on their own, adding a beautiful touch with their dark green leaves. Make clementines part of your winter traditions.

  Organic Fruit Gifts - simple - Pixie Tangerines
Pixies are available for a limited time.  We love pixies for school lunches, snacks on the go and more. Watch out though--these will disappear quickly!

Contains approximately 3-5 lbs of fruit. Order your Organic Fruit Simple - Pixies  today. Prices include free standard delivery.


  Organic Fruit Gifts - Pixies
FruitShare's Organic Fruit Gifts - Pixies are the perfect gift for your friends, family and even clients or co-workers. Everyone loves the sweet and juicy pixies.  Pixies make a great snack, adding a bright, sunny flavor to cold winter days.

Contains about 5 pounds of fruit. Order your Organic Fruit Gifts - Pixies today. Prices include free standard delivery.