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Avocado Fruit
The creamy avocado fruit is one of the healthiest and tastiest
Avocado fruit is one of the healthiest types of organic fruit. With tons of vitamins and nutrients, avocado fruit is a nutritional powerhouse. Sometimes, it is given a bad reputation for containing a lot of fat. While it's true that avocado fruit does contain fat, it's important to realize that it contains types of fat that are healthy for you. 

Avocado fruit is delicious and easy to incorporate into your recipes for a little extra nutritious kick of farm fresh fruit. Slice them on sandwiches or over salads, make fresh guacamole or salsa, or even blend them into smoothies. Though they are available most of the year, avocado fruit is the best during spring.

Organic Fruit Gifts - Avocado Fruit - Organic Fruit Delivery from
  Organic Fruit Gifts - Avocado Fruit
Organic Fruit Gifts - Avocado Fruit - These organic fruit gifts featuring avocado fruit are ideal if you or someone you know can't get enough avocados. Perfect for making guacamole, salsa, salad and sandwiches, you can take advantage of the many health benefits of avocado fruit in many ways - it's up to you to get creative!

Often regarded as an "unhealthy" fruit because of the high fat content, avocado fruit has gotten a bad reputation. In truth, there are many health benefits of avocados. The fat they do contain is monounsaturated fat - which helps lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. Avocado fruit contains about 60% more potassium than a banana, along with tons of vitamins and nutrients. Avocado-lovers, rejoice! These avocado organic fruit gifts are made for you.

This box contains 12 large organic avocados. Order your Organic Fruit Gifts - Avocado Fruit today.  Prices include free delivery.