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Coming in December! Clementines are the star of the winter seasonThese sweet little citrus fruits are a striking centerpiece and a delicious snack! A favorite fruit in season among children and adults, clementines add a pop of sweet-and-tart flavor to the winter days.

Clementines are one of several types of citrus fruit known as "zipper peel" because the peel separates from the inner flesh easily. Clementines can often be peeled in one long fragrant peel. And that same peel has many uses to infuse your world with the flavor of clementines, from candied peels to infused tea or olive oil. 

A box of clementines makes a great gift during the holiday season. Fruit gifts are unique and memorable. Even if your friends or family live far away, we'll deliver with our convenient organic fruit delivery - and the recipient of your fresh fruit gift will be delighted when a box of clementines arrives at their door.

Contains approximately 10 lbs. of ClementinesPrices include free standard delivery.

Storage instuction
Citrus fruits do not ripen after they are picked. Like most ripe fruit, citrus should be stored in the refrigerator if you don’t plan on eating it for a few days. Lemons and limes will last the longest in your refrigerator, while tangerines may not last more than a week. Most citrus ripens from the inside out, so don’t be disappointed if you find your oranges or mandarins are tinged with green. The green peel does not mean that the fruit inside is unripe, and the color should not dissuade you from enjoying the juicy flesh within.