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All Fall Fruit in Season
Honeycrisp Apples Fruit Gifts
  Honeycrisp Apple Box
Honeycrisp Apple Box is SOLD FOR 2013.  We are shipping ORGANIC PINK LADY APPLES!!
If you would like this please make a note in the gift message section of your order.

What's better than munching Organic Honeycrisp apples on a beautiful fall day? Not much! The Honeycrisp apple is a standout among all the different types of apples, because of it's incredibly sweet, juicy flavor and crisp texture. 

Honeycrisp apples are highly versatile because of their flavor; they stand up well to other flavors in baking, so they're great for making cinnamon baked apples or even homemade caramel apples. They're also perfect for pies and crisps, and for eating fresh as a refreshing snack. You won't find a tastier Honeycrisp apple.

Contains approximately 24 organic Honeycrisp apples. Order your  Honeycrisp Apple box today. Prices include delivery.
Honey Crisp Apples Organic Fruit Delivery
  Organic Fruit Gifts - Honeycrisp Apple
If you would like this please add a comment in the gift message of your order.

These Organic Fruit Gifts are packed with sweet, crunchy Honeycrisp apples. Always a fall favorite, Honeycrisp apples are the queen bee of all types of apples.

Because they have such a sweet, juicy flavor, Honeycrisp apples are super versatile. They're perfect for baking into pies and crisps, dipping into warm caramel sauce, and much more. Along with hand-written personalized notes, these organic fruit gifts make special gifts that won't soon be forgotten.

Contains 12 organic Honeycrisp apples. Order your Organic Fruit Gifts - Honeycrisp Apple today. Prices include free delivery.
Apples - Organic Fruit Delivery from
  Hoch's Local Apples

Hoch's Local Apples - Apples are at their best with Hoch's Local Apples. Harry and Jackie grow many types of apples on their orchard in southern Minnesota. Among them are the popular Honeycrisp apple, Fuji apple and Haralson apple. 

Harry and Jackie, along with their two daughters, are experts in the field of growing organic apples. Along with the leaves changing color and cooler temperatures, Hoch's Local Apples are a sure sign of fall. With crisp textures and sweet flavor, you'll taste the difference in all of Harry and Jackie's delicious apples.

Hoch's Local Apples make a perfect fall gift for family, friends, neighbors and clients - even if they live across the country. With organic fruit delivery, you can say it perfectly with a fresh fruit gift.

Contains 24 apples approximately 10lbs. Order Hoch's Local Apples today.  Prices include free delivery.

Fresh Cranberries - Organic Cranberries Fruit Delivery
  Fresh Cranberries
Cranberries are SOLD OUT for the season. These Fresh Cranberries are perfect for the holidays. Along with their amazing flavor, cranberries are ranked highly in antioxidant content when compared to other fresh fruits and vegetables. These organic cranberries come from nearby Wisconsin farmers.

Fresh Cranberries are ideal for all of your favorite recipes, from cranberry apple crisp to sugared cranberries. These organic cranberries will give a festive fall flavor to your cooking. They're just as delicious as they are healthy! Reap the numerous benefits of cranberries this fall and winter.

Organic cranberries make a unique gift for the season. With organic fruit delivery from FruitShare, you can send a fresh fruit gift to friends and family across the country. Share the taste and nutrition of cranberries with your loved ones.

This box weighs approximately 5-6 lbs and includes 12 pints of Fresh Cranberries.  Prices includes free delivery.
  Satsuma Mandarins & Clementines

Sweet Satsuma Mandarins & Clementines are sure to be a favorite around the house or office. Both Satsuma Mandarins and Clementines are types of citrus fruits with zipper peels, meaning they are easily peeled and make ideal snacks. Our Mandarins are so sweet they taste like Dreamsicles or an orange soda. The sweet-tart juiciness of Clementines makes a great compliment to the sweetness of Satsuma Mandarins. Plus, the dark green leaves on the clementines contrasts beautifully with the bright orange skin for a gorgeous edible centerpiece.

A box of Satsuma Mandarins & Clementines makes a delicious fresh fruit gift perfect for the holiday season. Soon, Satsuma Mandarins & Clementines from FruitShare will become a favorite tradition around the holiday season! Send them as gifts to friends, family and clients across the country with our convenient organic fruit delivery. 

Contains approximately 10 lbs of fruit, or about 50 Satsuma Mandarins & ClementinesPrices include delivery.
  Organic Fruit Gifts - Satsuma Mandarins & Clementines

Are SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON.  Pre-Order for Holiday 2014

Satsuma Mandarins & Clementines - FruitShare's Organic Fruit Gifts - Satsuma Mandarins & Clementines are the ideal gift for the holiday season. With sweet mandarins and delicious clementines, this fresh fruit gift will be devoured quickly - and they'll ask for more! With FruitShare' organic fruit delivery, you can share the holiday spirit with your family, friends and clients across the U.S.

You'll also enjoy these juicy little citrus fruits yourself! Satsuma Mandarins have been compared to Dreamsicles, while Clementines are always a family favorite.

Contains approximately 5 lbs of fruit, or about 25 Satsuma Mandarins & ClementinesPrices include free delivery.
  Satsuma Mandarins SOLD OUT FOR 2013 Reserve your nov 2014 order
Delicious Satsuma Mandarins may become your newest seasonal tradition. A type of citrus fruit, these mandarins are so sweet they taste like Dreamsicles or orange sodas. With a zipper peel and easily segmented sections, Satsuma Mandarins are a quick and delicious snack that will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

A box of organic Satsuma Mandarins makes a festive fresh fruit gift. Perfect for the holiday season, mandarins are a unique fruit that everyone will remember and ask for year after year. Since FruitShare offers fruit delivery all over the U.S., you can send a box of Satsuma Mandarins to your family, friends and clients, no matter where they live or work.

Contains approximately 10 lbs of fruit, or about 50 Satsuma MandarinsPrices include free delivery.
Fruit In Season Mixed Box Summer - Organic Fruit Delivery from
  Fruit In Season Mixed Box
Fruit In Season Mixed Box - When you open the Fruit In Season Mixed Box, you might have to flip a coin to decide what to try first. It is packed full of the best farm fresh fruit of the season, all year long. 

This farm fresh fruit is picked at the peak of flavor, so it's fruit the way nature intended: full of flavor and packed with nutrients. The fruit in the box is chosen to last over the course of a week or two, depending on the number of people eating from it; some of the fruit will need to be eaten right away, while other varieties will last longer in the refrigerator.

The Fruit In Season Mixed Box also makes great organic fruit gifts for friends, family and clients. With FruitShare's organic fruit delivery, you're able to send a fruit gift wherever it needs to go.

If you'd like to include a hand-written note, reply to your confirmation of order email with your message. This box weighs approximately 10-14 lbs. and contains 24-36 pieces of fruit. Order your Fruit In Season Mixed Box today. Prices include free delivery.
summergift240 rect
  Organic Fruit Gifts - Mixed Fruit
Organic Fruit Gifts - Mixed Fruit - FruitShare offers Organic Fruit Gifts that are the ultimate edible gift. Perfect for family, friends and clients, a fresh fruit gift is perfect for any occasion. From "thank you" to "congratulations," and "thinking of you" to "happy birthday," organic fruit gifts say it all.

Per your request, we can include a personalized hand-written note along with your fresh fruit gift. This is farm fresh fruit that is picked at the peak of flavor, making it a perfect, delicious gift they'll remember long after the last piece of fruit is gone. Best of all, we can deliver your gift anywhere in the U.S.

If you'd like to include a hand-written note, reply to your confirmation of order email with your message. Contains approximately 6-8 lbs of fruit, or 12-15 pieces. Order your Organic Fruit Gifts today. Prices include free delivery.

  Fruit In Season without Grapefruit
FruitShare's Mixed Box without Grapefruit offers the best winter fruit in season we have to offer! Packed with the highest-quality winter fruit in season, each Mixed Citrus Box without Grapefruit contains approximately 10-14 pounds of juicy citrus fruits.

From the classic flavor of navel oranges to the sweet and juicy Minneola tangelos, from clementines to exotic kumquats, the Mixed Citrus Box without Grapefruit has everyone's favorite. Decorate your home with the bright colors of farm fresh fruit and the uplifting, cheerful aromas of citrus fruit.

You can also send Mixed Citrus Box without Grapefruit to friends and family, near or far away. With our convenient and simple organic fruit delivery, you can have all your favorites in no time.

Contains approximately 10-14 lbs. of citrus. Make FruitShare's Mixed Box without Grapefruit a regular addition to your healthy lifestyle all winter long. Prices include free delivery.
Organic Fruit Gifts
  Farm Fresh Fruit Club - Half Share
Farm Fresh Fruit Club - Half Share - FruitShare's Farm Fresh Fruit Club - Half Share is for those who can't get enough flavorful fruit in season in just the right size for two people. Every other week, we'll automatically send you a half-size box of our farm fresh fruit - right to your home, school or work. And we'll just keep sending it until you ask us to stop.

The Farm Fresh Fruit Club - Half Share is a pay-per-box system, and it's meant to make your life easier: you order once and we take care of the rest, no re-ordering necessary. After one initial order, you'll receive regular shipments of farm fresh fruit for as long as you want. The Half Share box is ideal for one to three people.

Each box weighs approximately 6-8 lbs of fruit, or 12-15 pieces of fruit. To start receiving your regular organic fruit delivery, order your Farm Fresh Fruit Club today. Prices include delivery.
Fresh Organic Cranberries with Oats
  Fresh Cranberries - Fruit Gift SOLD OUT FOR 2013 Reserve your nov 2014 order
Fresh Cranberries - Fruit Gift are the ideal fruit for fall and winter holidays. These cranberries have a delicious tart flavor that will complement all your best recipes. In addition, fresh cranberries are ranked among the top fruits and vegetables for antioxidant content. These organic cranberries are grown in Wisconsin.

Fresh Cranberries are great for baking and cooking. Add them to apple pie or pear crumble, make cranberry sauce or sugared cranberries. The possibilities with these organic cranberries are endless! Add the delicious flavor and all the health benefits to your fall and winter cooking.

Fresh organic cranberries are a great unique fruit gift for the season. And with organic fruit delivery, you can send a holiday fruit gift to friends and family all over the United States. We'll even include a handwritten, personal note with your holiday fruit gift.

This box weighs approximately 2.5-3 lbs. Fresh Cranberries - Fruit Gift includes 6 pints. Prices includes free delivery.
  Organic Fruit Gifts - Satsuma Mandarins are SOLD OUT for 2013
Organic Fruit Gifts - Satsuma Mandarins are a favorite fall and winter fruit in season. These small citrus fruits are incredibly sweet and juicy, and have a zipper peel that make them very easy to peel and eat. Kids and adults will both love these Satsuma Mandarins!

Organic Fruit Gifts - Satsuma Mandarins are the perfect holiday fruit gift. Your friends, family and co-workers will love the flavorful Satsuma Mandarins, and FruitShare makes gift-giving simple with organic fruit delivery.  You can even include a hand-written personal note with your gift of Satsuma Mandarins, and FruitShare will deliver anywhere in the U.S.

Contains approximately 5 pounds, or about 25 pieces of fruit. Order your Organic Fruit Gifts - Satsuma Mandarins today. Prices include free delivery.