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Valentine's Day Fruit Gifts
Valentine's Day Fruit Gifts are a sweet way to say "I love you"
Valentine's Day Fruit Gifts are memorable because they are unique. Instead of a box of chocolates, give your valentine a box of farm fresh fruit. FruitShare's Valentine's Day Fruit Gifts say more than just, "I love you," or "be mine;" they also say "I care about you and your health." There's nothing sweeter than that - except maybe the fruit in the box!

Because FruitShare is committed to delivering the best fruit in season, we package our Valentine gift baskets in specially-designed boxes. This way, we can ensure the fruit arrives in top condition and at the peak of flavor. Our boxes also use less packaging than traditional baskets, so they cut down on waste. Be eco-friendly this Valentine's Day by sending a FruitShare gift basket to your sweetheart. 

If you happen to be far away from your special someone during Valentine's Day, you can still send a unique organic fruit gift, because FruitShare delivers all over the U.S. You can even include a handwritten, personal note.

This Valentine's Day, give your sweetheart something they'll really love with Valentine's Day Fruit Gifts from FruitShare.

Organic Fruit Gifts - Blood Oranges - Organic Fruit Delivery from
  Organic Fruit Gifts - Blood Oranges


Sold out for 2014

Organic Fruit Gifts - Blood Oranges - These Organic Fruit Gifts - Blood Oranges are filled with delicious and nutritious blood oranges. The blood oranges are striking because of the color of their flesh; they are deep red or streaked with red and orange. This is because of a special antioxidant that is not normally found in citrus fruits. This same antioxidant is found in red and purple fruits such as blueberries and cherries.

This fresh fruit gift is truly special. Blood oranges are a specialty citrus that have a unique flavor. They are quite tart at the first bite, but quickly mellow into a sweet juiciness. Because blood oranges are so striking and special, these Organic Fruit Gifts make a memorable gift for any occasion. Plus, with FruitShare's organic fruit delivery, you can send the blood oranges across the country to wherever your loved ones live.

This box contains 6-8 lbs. or approximately 12-15 blood oranges. These Organic Fruit Gifts - Blood Oranges will make them say 'wow!' Prices include free delivery.

  Organic Fruit Gifts - Mixed Fruit
Organic Fruit Gifts - Mixed Fruit - FruitShare offers Organic Fruit Gifts that are the ultimate edible gift. Perfect for family, friends and clients, a fresh fruit gift is perfect for any occasion. From "thank you" to "congratulations," and "thinking of you" to "happy birthday," organic fruit gifts say it all.

Per your request, we can include a personalized hand-written note along with your fresh fruit gift. This is farm fresh fruit that is picked at the peak of flavor, making it a perfect, delicious gift they'll remember long after the last piece of fruit is gone. Best of all, we can deliver your gift anywhere in the U.S.

If you'd like to include a hand-written note, reply to your confirmation of order email with your message. Contains approximately 6-8 lbs of fruit, or 12-15 pieces. Order your Organic Fruit Gifts today. Prices include free delivery.

Organic Fruit Gifts - Avocado Fruit - Organic Fruit Delivery from
  Organic Fruit Gifts - Avocado Fruit
Organic Fruit Gifts - Avocado Fruit - These organic fruit gifts featuring avocado fruit are ideal if you or someone you know can't get enough avocados. Perfect for making guacamole, salsa, salad and sandwiches, you can take advantage of the many health benefits of avocado fruit in many ways - it's up to you to get creative!

Often regarded as an "unhealthy" fruit because of the high fat content, avocado fruit has gotten a bad reputation. In truth, there are many health benefits of avocados. The fat they do contain is monounsaturated fat - which helps lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. Avocado fruit contains about 60% more potassium than a banana, along with tons of vitamins and nutrients. Avocado-lovers, rejoice! These avocado organic fruit gifts are made for you.

This box contains 12 large organic avocados. Order your Organic Fruit Gifts - Avocado Fruit today.  Prices include free delivery.