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Traditional Fruit Fundraiser
A traditional, short-term approach to fundraising
FruitShare's Traditional Fruit Fundraiser puts a new spin on an old way of raising money with farm fresh fruit. By bringing top-quality organic fruit to your neighbors and friends, you can raise money in a way that's actually healthy. Instead of selling cookies or candy (or wrapping paper), you can sell the most delicious fruit you've ever tasted - a much better way to raise money for your school, team, or organization. Like other fundraisers, you'll sell certain items - in this case, varieties of farm fresh fruit - for a short selling period. Unlike other fundraisers, you'll love what you're selling with our Traditional Fruit Fundraiser.

Because FruitShare is a small company, we can personalize the Traditional Fruit Fundraiser. We'll work with your individual organization's needs, from budget to fruit varieties, to create a perfectly tailored fruit fundraiser that will work. We'll also help you create materials to help get the word out about your fundraiser, including order forms, flyers, and more. 

Once you're selling period is finished, we'll send one big shipment of fruit to a pre-specified drop-off location. Schools, churches and other community buildings are perfect places to drop off large orders of our farm fresh fruit. Your customers will come to get their boxes, and everyone leaves happy, arms full of delicious farm fresh fruit. Here at FruitShare, we make your fruit fundraiser effective and efficient so that your group can be successful.

For more information on the Traditional Fruit Fundraiser, contact