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Premium Fruit Fundraiser
Perfect for ongoing efforts to raise funds
The Premium Fruit Fundraiser is ideal for groups and organizations that are looking to raise money over a long period of time. This fruit fundraiser is as simple as it gets. FruitShare assigns your group a promo code, and your organization distributes it to friends, family, neighbors and clients. Each time an order is placed using that unique promo code, your group receives 5% of the sale. FruitShare will write a check to your organization periodically, and you'll reap the benefits of the Premium Fruit Fundraiser.

An added benefit of the Premium Fruit Fundraiser is that your group doesn't need to do any distributing of fruit. All you do is encourage friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers to order from FruitShare using your promo code. We deliver all the boxes with our convenient organic fruit delivery, so you don't have to worry. 

You also won't need to worry about pesticides on any of the fruit, because everything we deliver is 100% organic. This adds a unique and compelling environmental dimension to your fruit fundraiser, because organic fruit is more sustainable to grow. It's also healthier, because there are no dangers from chemical pesticides and herbicides. 

Because FruitShare is a small business, we can help personalize your fundraiser. We'll help you create informational and promotional materials to get the word out about your fruit fundraiser, and of course we'll handle the delivery of high-quality organic fruit. Team up with FruitShare for an effective and easy way to raise money.

For more information about the Premium Fruit Fundraiser, contact