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Fresh Organic Pears

The ways to use fresh organic pears in your cooking are practically endless. You can slice them and serve fresh, bake or broil them, poach them, and the list goes on. The bottom line is that organic pears are essential to your fall cooking.

Fresh pears make a delicious complement to any fall meal and are great for sending to school as a snack or with lunch. Coming in many varieties, pears have a distinctive flavor that will add pizazz to any of your favorite recipes. And, since they are packed full of nutrients, eating pears is a sweet way to stay healthy during cold season.

A box of pears makes a perfect fresh fruit gift for any occasion. Whether you send it to family, friends, neighbors or someone across the country, organic fruit gifts are a great way to say anything from "thanks" to "happy birthday," and especially "get well soon."

This box weighs approximately 10-12 lbs. and contains approximately 24 pears. For a taste of fall, order your Fresh Pears. ** Pear varieties included may vary throughout the season.  Prices include free standard delivery.


Storage instuction
Pears are generally harvested green and then allowed to ripen. They should be allowed to ripen at room temperature and not stored in the refrigerator until they are ready to eat (then only for a few days). As pears ripen, some varieties will change color slightly. Green varieties like Bartlett will take on a golden cast as they ripen. The most reliable way to determine the ripeness of a pear is to apply gentle pressure to the stem end with your thumb. If the pear gives slightly, it is ripe. Some pears, like Bosc, are meant to be enjoyed firmer than others. You will also notice that ripe pears are more aromatic than pears with a few days to go. Like apples, pears generate ethylene as they ripe. They should not be stored in plastic or anywhere with restricted air flow. You may find that your pears will ripen faster if a few are placed in a loosely closed paper bag, but remember to check them every day.