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Employee Wellness Club
Employee Wellness Club - The Employee Wellness Club can help your business increase corporate health and wellness. Employee wellness programs are proven to benefit business by increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism. The Employee Wellness Club is perfect for anywhere from the break room to the conference room. 

Replacing unhealthy options like chips or donuts with farm fresh fruit is a simple way to enhance corporate wellness programs. FruitShare brings delicious fruit right to the office with convenient organic fruit delivery. We make it easy, because you only need to order once, and then you'll begin enjoying weekly shipments of the highest-quality fruit in season automatically, until you ask us to stop. You'll pay on a box-by-box basis, so there are no up-front costs. If your employees will eat more than one box of farm fresh fruit each week, we can send you as many as you want.

If you aren't a company, you can still enjoy the Employee Wellness Club. Maybe you have a big family, or perhaps you just love farm fresh fruit so much, you want to receive a box every week. We'll send your shipments right to your home.

Each box weighs approximately 10-14 lbs. and contains 24-30 pieces of fruit. Make your corporate wellness programs more delicious; sign up for FruitShare's Employee Wellness Club today. Prices include free delivery.  

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$52/per delivery

Storage instuction