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Farm Fresh Fruit Club
Farm Fresh Fruit Club delivers farm fresh fruit every other week
The Farm Fresh Fruit Club offers a fruit in season mixed box every other week, delivered right to your home or work. Geared toward families, the Farm Fresh Fruit Club is the easiest way to keep eating healthy. This Club truly offers farm fresh fruit. With FruitShare, you'll know that your organic fruit is as fresh as possible. Unlike conventional fruit, which often sits in cold storage for weeks - or even months - organic fruit delivery from FruitShare ensures that your fruit travels from the field to your hands as quickly as possible. This way, your fruit doesn't lose nutrients or taste from sitting in storage. Enjoy delicious fruit in season with the Farm Fresh Fruit Club.

Order the Farm Fresh Fruit Club:
Farm Fresh Fruit Club - Organic Fruit Delivery from
  Farm Fresh Fruit Club
Farm Fresh Fruit Club - FruitShare's Farm Fresh Fruit Club is for those who can't get enough flavorful fruit in season. The Club is organic fruit delivery made easy. Every other week, we'll automatically send you a box of our farm fresh fruit - right to your home, school or work. And we'll just keep sending it until you ask us to stop.

The Farm Fresh Fruit Club is a pay-per-box system, and it's meant to make your life easier: you order once and we take care of the rest, no re-ordering necessary. After one initial order, you'll receive regular shipments of farm fresh fruit for as long as you want.

Each box weighs approximately 10-14 lbs. and contains 24-36 pieces of fruit. To start receiving your regular organic fruit delivery, order your Farm Fresh Fruit Club today. Prices include free delivery.