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Colorado Peaches - Organic Fruit Delivery from  
Colorado Peaches

Colorado Peaches —pre order now for August!

Bite into the juiciest peaches you've ever tasted, and you'll understand why these fresh peaches are some of the most popular fruit of the whole year. 

Boxes weigh about 10 pounds and contains 18- 24 peaches. We ship fresh peaches mid-August through September. 

***Select 2-day express shipping at check out for this item if you are outside of the Midwest.


Storage instuction
Most stone fruit (e.g., peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots, etc.) continues to ripen after being picked. It is important to ripen the various varieties of stone fruit at room temperature without moving them to your refrigerator until they are fully ripe. If stone fruit is exposed to temperatures between 36 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit before it is ripe, it can suffer internal breakdown which may result in mealy flavorless fruit. The best way to tell if stone fruit is ripe is to give it a gentle squeeze. If the fruit is tender, it is probably ripe. Ripe stone fruit also has a wonderful full-bodied aroma. When storing stone fruit, it is best not to stack it more than two layers deep. Avoid plastic bags at all costs. Since chemical fungicides are not used on organic stone fruit, moisture build-up can lead to mold. Once ripe, enjoy at their peak. Pies, freezing, canning, smoothies and even dehydration are great ways to use and preserve stone fruit at its peak.