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"Thanks very much for being so accommodating.  We have really been enjoying the fruit!  I love that it is organic, and with a 2 year old who loves fruit, I love the convenience." - Heather B.  

"Thank you for having such an amazing business.  The gift was a huge success!  So much appreciated.  Looking forward to doing business with you again." - Judy K.

"Everett, your peaches are Freak'n Awesome!" -Jeffery Giesener, CEO ShoppeSimpleNetwork

"As always, your fruit is 10x better than anything I can get from the grocery store." -Heath; Madison, WI

"We like the opportunity to raise funds, but we are also very pleased that it's a healthy and sustainable choice for our friends." -Kathy K.

"The peaches or nectarines (whatever they were) in last week's fruit share were amazing. The best fruit I have ever tasted! So juicy and sweet and peachy-tasting. Delicious!!!!" -Jennifer S.

"This has been some of the best grapefruit I've ever had!...My 6-year-old and I fight over the grapefruit." -Kari B.

"These are the best citrus fruits I've ever had." -Heath S.

"I tried your oranges at the St. Croix Valley ski club and all I can think about is eating another one of those oranges. I never knew oranges could be so delicious!!" -Stephanie L.

"Any options to pay for a lifetime of FruitShare? Ha ha. That is how much we enjoy it." -Heidi F.

"Good morning Phil,

Thanks so much for the box of fruit. It is nice to have a healthy alternative this time of year! The kids loved it, too! I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness. More so, I appreciate the great service we receive from Apex.

Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season.

Thank you,



Thank you very much for the gift. Everyone loves the fruit. The fact that it is certified organic is also very very nice.

Thanks again!


"The peaches are lovely, I have eaten three all ready and love them. My 2 year old grandson loved them too. It was his first fresh peach." -grandmother

"These asian pears taste like a juice box." - 6-year-old

"Can I have a peach for dessert instead of s'mores?" -8-year-old

"Tasty, attractive and fresh fruit – plus, great service: We love FruitShare." -Deborah

"The fruit from Fruitshare has been amazing. Blueberries, cherries, plums , peaches and apples haven't tasted so good to me in years. My family loves the variety of fruits and we like knowing that we're supporting local organic farms and growers." -Michael B.

"Great fruit.  I'm really happy I have the FruitShare.  I look forward to the blueberries and cherries.  Is there a way to order an extra share starting next delivery?" -Don B.

"I can't wait for the cherries and we LOVE the blueberries." . . . "I am enjoying the cherries! They are the best I've ever had and one of my favorite fruits!" -Caroline D.

"Best plums I've ever had!" -Beth A.

"Fantastic blueberries!" -Stephanie D.

"Yours were the best grapes we've ever had." -Lee Z.

"My father LOVED the box of fruit I sent him for Father's Day. He commented that the fruit tasted how fruit's supposed to taste -- like it did when he was a kid and picked right off the tree. He is a completely non-materialistic guy and it's always hard to think of something to send him that he would appreciate. I think we hit the jackpot this time! Thank you very much." -Shawn C.