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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get my fruit after I have ordered it?
FruitShare™ delivers your fruit right to your home, work or school. We send it to you with FedEx delivery, so you can be sure your fruit will get to you quickly. FruitShare™ can ship to all 48 contiguous states. In the Upper Midwest we usually ship in the evenings, and your box  arrives at your home, work or school the following day. 

How often does my fruit arrive?
The great thing about FruitShare™ is that we tailor your shipments to you. You can choose to receive shipments of fruit every week, every other week, or monthly. While the descriptions of our full-season shipments say the boxes arrive every other week, we are happy to comply with your requests. You can opt to receive shipments whenever it is most convenient to you by simply sending us an email at with your request. FruitShare™ wants you to be in good supply of fresh in-season organic fruit in whatever way works best for you.

What is the cost of delivery?
The cost of delivery is included in the prices listed by the fruit. There is no charge added to the price of fruit for shipping and handling.

How long does fruit last after it has arrived?
The fruit will easily last two weeks in the refrigerator, and some can be left on the counter and enjoyed at room temperature for about four days at a time. With each shipment, we include a electronic newsletter that has detailed information about how to store the specific types of fruit in your box.

How many people will one box of fruit feed?
Depending on how much fruit you eat on a daily basis, one box from FruitShare generally feeds about 2-4 people. A family of two adults and two young children will often eat the fruit from one box in about 10 days. Two adults could easily eat all the fruit in each box when deliveries are made every other week.
How do I send fruit to someone as a gift?
FruitShare™ makes gift-giving easy. Simply order an Organic Fruit Gift Box and enter the address of the recipient in the “shipping address” section. To have a personalized, hand-written note accompany the box, send an email with your message to or simply reply to your confirmation of order e-mail with your message.  We’ll do the rest, and you can rest assured that you have picked the perfect, personal gift for family, friends, co-workers and clients.

What happens if I am out of town on a week when I am going to receive a box of fruit?
If you know you're going to be out of town during a week when your fruit will be delivered, just let us know by emailing or calling 651-644-2800. We can easily delay your shipments for as long as you need. Remember, FruitShare can be delivered anywhere in the United States, so we can ship your box to you even if you aren't at home. Let us know where you'll be and how many shipments of fruit we should send to that address, and then enjoy your trip with fresh, organic fruit.

Where does the fruit come from?
FruitShare™ has relationships with the top organic growers all over the country. We first look to local growers, then regional ones, and then national ones. All of our partners are family-owned farms and are certified organic so you can feel good about supporting them. FruitShare™ takes pride in bringing you the best tasting, freshest fruit we can find. With each shipment, we send you a newsletter with information about which family grew your fruit, as well as health and wellness tips, recipes and other information.

How do you choose what fruit to ship each week?
FruitShare™ only ships fruit that is in-season and ripe. This means that each week, the fruit can change. Even if we were planning on shipping something on a certain week, if the fruit is not ripe, we will find something else that is ready to be picked. This way, we ensure that the fruit that we only bring you the freshest, best-tasting fruit available.

Can I request to have more of my favorite fruit in my box?

Yes. If you can't get enough grapefruit, for example, just send us an email at and ask us to put more grapefruit in your box. We will adjust the balance of your box to include more grapefruit. Same goes for any fruit, from apples to oranges and everything in between.